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Our Homes

Out of the Box’s rapid-ready homes provide affordable, energy-efficient construction, while offering architectural flexibility with simplicity of design. Our homes combine well‐established construction methods with new technology, providing superior safety for occupants. These environmentally‐friendly models not only reduce footprint, but are more energy-efficient than traditional construction. Key features include:

  • SIPS are stronger than stud‐framed assemblies and offer a tighter building envelope.
  • Homes are non‐combustible and will not absorb water or rot, support mold or mildew, and are termite resistant
  • Testing has shown industry-leading wind and seismic performance.
  • Complete customization of plans and elevations allows our homes and buildings to work in any locale.
  • Lower cost can support affordable housing and non-profit projects, as well as provide investors higher returns than conventional building.

The proven construction methodology and usage in both commercial and residential applications make our buildings flexible for a variety of needs, and cost competitive for affordable housing situations as well.

Our Mission

Out of the Box offers full service real estate sales, consulting, and management services for developers, investors, businesses, and more. We are committed to serving our clients financial and business needs while creating stronger local communities that fuel economic growth. We believe quality home ownership should be accessible to all.

Out of the Box Realty

Out of the Box Realty is a boutique real estate company specializing in the consulting, planning, development, service, and sale of real estate property and developments. Whether a residential, commercial, or mixed-use development, our team is skilled at aiding investors and developers in every stage of the development process, including:

  • Feasibility, market study, and development planning
  • Construction planning and design coordination
  • Market positioning and sales planning
  • Pre-Sales, investor relations, and financing support
  • Commercial and residential sales and post-sales follow up

Our unique approach to development consulting allows us to collaborate with property owners, development companies, investors or investment groups, and construction groups to ensure that each development we work with is properly designed, marketed, and sold to align the market position of the properties to local needs.

We work with our partners and clients based on their own unique situations and gaps within their team. For some clients, this means representing their interest in a simple sales transaction. For other clients, it means a comprehensive suite of services or anything in between. Our customized approach to your real estate and development needs allows you to fill critical gaps in your development projects, and receive the consulting, support, and value you need to maximize your investment returns.