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Lisa Sharp

Founder and Broker

Lisa began her career in commercial real estate in 2000. She has owned and operated several businesses and has a background in Business Administration. Having worked in the Pensacola area and Southeast region with companies such as Sperry Van Ness Southland Commercial Real Estate, Jones Lang LaSalle, and Turnberry Associates, her extensive background includes not only commercial real estate sales and leasing, but also business brokerage.

Lisa founded Out of the Box Realty in 2016 with the intention of creating innovative, strategic solutions for developers, commercial real estate clients, and investors. She has a passion for solving housing solutions in a way that creates a win-win for property owners, investors, developers, and communities-at-large.

As a broker and consultant, Lisa has worked with development projects and investors throughout the United States, Brazil, South Africa, and more to aide in the design and development of both residential and mixed-use developments. Her background in commercial real estate makes her a valuable asset to the development groups she works with, providing extensive market knowledge, sales expertise, and positioning strategy to meet local market needs.

LaCosta Lolly

Director of Marketing

LaCosta began her career in real estate in 2003 after leaving an accounting role in a technology company, she joined an investment real estate firm specializing in the construction of new investment properties. As someone passionate about learning the business, she worked in the office for the first several years while earning her sales experience to learn the details of the construction process and general contracting.

She was brought on to a new firm in 2004 as the General Manager and worked with the company’s owners to identify potential investments, align stakeholders, acquire investors, and manage development efforts. She helped to expand the start-up company to more than $400 million in total projects including residential investment property, commercial real estate developments, and planned community developments. She spent five years in the real estate business, overseeing marketing, sales, construction management, and operations for the company before leaving to start a career in management consulting in 2008.

As a management consultant, LaCosta founded a consulting firm and worked with companies throughout 23 countries to streamline operations, create stronger sales processes, and design expansive marketing campaigns. While her career began with a specialization in small business, she has expanded her client list to include international powerhouse companies as well as Fortune 500 clients.

At Out of the Box Realty, she oversees marketing efforts including positioning, property marketing, development consulting, and public relations. Her passion for the real estate industry and for creating sustainable communities through sound housing strategies made Out of the Box a perfect fit.

Eric Schneider

Director of Sales

Eric Schneider serves as Director of Sales for Out of the Box Realty. He has been a dedicated sales professional for more than 14 years with a proven track record of sales performance. Eric has worked for such companies as Sage Software and Quest Diagnostics to increase retention sales, launch new product sales strategies, and grow sales year over year. In 2014, seeking a new challenge in sales, Eric launched his own real estate company in his home state of Missouri. In his first year as a licensed Realtor, he achieved over $1 million in sales.

In 2017, Eric moved to Florida and joined forces with Out of the Box Realty, bringing experience in in property management, residential sales, and rental property investments as well as his extensive background in corporate sales and sales management. He is skilled at successfully identifying and capitalizing on opportunities to penetrate and develop highly competitive markets, proactively monitor industry trends and developments, and facilitate a client-focused, service-oriented environment vital to maximizing customer satisfaction, retention, and referrals; generate leads, manage key accounts, develop niche markets, and administer major contracts resulting in high-revenue transactions.